Introducing TopTekkers, the new mobile app that helps and encourages young players to practice the essential fundamental skills required to play soccer.

From grassroots to elite clubs, footballers need to practise. But at a young age, coaches only have a limited number of hours per week to train their players. And research shows that children do not do enough practising away from organised training sessions as they once did.

With TopTekkers, coaches can assign tasks and challenges for young players to complete at home, and track their progress. Parents can check how their child is doing, too.

With dozens of video tutorials performed by age-appropriate children, and challenges with varying difficulties and rewards, TopTekkers is the app that helps children become the best player they can be.

TopTekkers CEO Terry Barton said: “We’ve built TopTekkers because we love the game, and because we love trying to help children also fall in love with the game. That’s ultimately where we are coming from.”

TopTekkers is developed by The Coaching Manual, a family-run business that is obsessed with football, based in Manchester, UK.

Terry said: “To many people, TopTekkers is brand new, but we are a business with nine years of track record with this industry.

“The Coaching Manual is a family business. Myself, my younger brother Chris and my older brother Sean. We founded this business because we love football. We grew up in a small, rural part of the north-west of England called the Lake District. As soon as we were able to walk we were playing with a ball.”

Terry, Chris, and Sean’s passion is to share their knowledge and expertise in order to help others, inspiring coaches and players around the world to fall in love with the game like they did.

Terry said: “It was definitely a passion that was passed down to us by our father. It was something that gave us great deal of comfort during difficult times in our own lives. The solace that we took from football was lifelong.”

Terry himself is a grassroots coach in Manchester, while his brother Chris had a professional playing career cut short by injury. Within their company they employ people who have experience coaching with elite clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Manchester City, as well as in the USA.

Terry added: “The passion for football, the passion for practice, and our real desire to pass that passion onto players is fundamental to everything we do at The Coaching Manual.”

Terry’s son, Jones, has been fundamental in the research and development of TopTekkers, and was the first-ever user of the platform. He uses the app most days to practise his skills and complete challenges.

Terry said: “He loves football. One thing that gives me great pride is that I’ve passed down this passion that I’ve inherited from my father to him. I want to make sure that we pass this passion onto other children. And if we can do that on a global basis, then these three boys from a town 3,000 people in cumbria have done an amazing thing. We want to thank everyone who has been on our journey with us.”

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