If you want to bring some structure to your child's soccer practice during this period of isolation, we can help with TopTekkers Live!

YouTube star Brighton Lee Sagal and his dad, former US Division 1 College soccer player, Jared Segal, will be hosting TopTekkers Live! this Friday, running through tutorials and challenges from the TopTekkers app. Can you keep up?

In this first lesson, we will focus on ball mastery - manipulating the ball and keeping it under your control.

Here is your chance to see why clubs around the world from Sheffield United to Chicago Fire are turning to TopTekkers to teach their academy players the fundamentals of football - absolutely FREE!

What you will need

Not much! A ball, some space (not much - a few square feet should do), and a few cones (if you don't have cones, how about some rolled-up socks!). Oh, and don't forget to bring your A-game!

Who's it for?

In short, it's for everyone who wants to hone their soccer skills. But in particular, this will benefit children aged 5-14 who want to keep their practice up.

Get involved

We want to see how you are enjoying TopTekkers Live!, so please send in your videos of your young players getting involved on Friday and we will feature the best ones on social media.

TopTekkers Live! will be broadcast live on our Facebook page at 5pm (UK time) / 9am (West Coast USA) on Friday 3rd April!