TopTekkers is the new platform that helps aspiring players improve the fundamental skills required to play soccer at the highest level.

The mobile app, developed by the creators of The Coaching Manual, allows children aged 5-14 to practise their ‘Tekkers’, take on challenges, and record their scores. It also allows coaches and parents to view children’s activity, track their progress, and set them tailored training tasks.

Children open their personalised dashboard and are presented with tasks picked from hundreds of video tutorials, including passing, shooting, dribbling, ball control, and more. Each task has a series of difficulty levels, depending on a child’s stage of development.

The Coaching Manual founder Chris Barton said: “As well as working closely with football coaches, many people within our company are coaches themselves - so we know what challenges they face. TopTekkers solves a longstanding issue that coaches have by allowing to set ‘homework’ tasks, while allowing parents to oversee their child’s progress and workload.

“With the ability to tailor usage of the app by each player, and work on specific areas for improvement away from the training ground, TopTekkers gives children the best chance of reaching their full potential as a footballer.”