The results of a pilot project have revealed what players and parents think of the new TopTekkers app, which helps children reach their full potential in soccer.

Players from San Diego Surf’s 2006-2011 age group teams took part in the four-week pilot project earlier this year, with a questionnaire circulated to players and parents afterwards.

Encouragingly, 81% of players practiced three extra times per week because of TopTekkers. More than four out of five respondents said that TopTekkers had improved their soccer skills in less than a month.

The benefits of using TopTekkers are that children stay healthy, have fun, own their game, spend more time playing soccer, and improve their technical ability.

But it’s not just the players who responded positively; 63% of parents saw an improvement in their child's soccer ability and passion for the game by using the TopTekkers app. More than a third commented that they had noticed an improvement in their child’s general physical health.

Other benefits for parents include connecting them with their child’s development. Crucially, 94% of parents stated that, as a soccer parent, it is ‘very important’ that their child’s coach provides individual development plans to help their child improve their soccer skills (the remaining 6% stated it was ‘Quite Important’).

TopTekkers is designed to be the ultimate training aid for young Soccer players. With hundreds of informative videos designed to teach players the correct techniques, alongside challenges which encourage practice and competition. TopTekkers is the digital coach that every young player needs.  If you coach players between 2 and 14 years of age, then TopTekkers will help them get better away from the Training Ground.

For a soccer organisation the benefits of TopTekkers are huge, particularly in improving the relationships between parents and organisation. But also, the app can allow coaches to set individual learning plans, host evening technical sessions, improve competition throughout their teams, and improve the ability of their players.

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